Introducing the LIFEcard

You’ve purchased some LIFE, and now you’d like to buy something with it… You need a LIFEcard!

With our prepaid card you can convert and transfer digital funds almost instantly (and then spend them) with minimal fuss. Use our LIFEwallet* online portal or mobile application to convert your preferred cryptocurrency to an equivalent prepaid balance on your LIFEcard in seconds, even when you’re on the go.

The LIFEcard doesn’t just work with LIFE – you will also be able to convert and spend Bitcoin and Ethereum, and we plan to introduce other currency options over time.

It is up to you when you ‘load’ the card – we’ll provide live exchange rate information so you can make an informed decision. You will also be able to choose a card in your preferred currency: GBP, USD or EUR.

If you wish, you can transfer your card balance (or a portion of it) to a fiat bank account, or even convert it back into cryptocurrency. They are your funds, and your LIFEcard will enable you to do whatever you like with them.

We are combining cryptocurrency with traditional payment methods, bridging the gap between online wallets and day-to-day spending, making it easier to use cryptocurrency in everyday life.

* LIFEwallet is being developed alongside LIFEcard as an integrated companion application/portal, and a crytocurrency wallet in its own right. Further details will be announced separately.

How will the LIFEcard work?

Buy your LIFE (or other cryptocurrency) on a registered exchange or cryptocurrency store, and transfer it to your LIFEwallet. Then, when you’re ready…

Load your currency on to your LIFEcard – simply specify the amount that you would like to transfer and hit the ‘LOAD’ button. Within just a few moments your cryptocurrency will be converted to an equivalent prepaid balance on your card, ready to…

Spend your money on groceries, clothes, a night out, more cryptocurrency… whatever you want, wherever debit/credit card payments are accepted, using Chip and PIN or Contactless. And as you spend you can monitor your balance and transaction history using our LIFEwallet online portal and mobile application.


The sky’s the limit

LIFEcard is a prepaid card, and while there are strict identity verification checks, there are no credit checks or credit limits.

However, the amount you can load is subject to a daily restriction, which is dependent on the type of card you choose.

LIFEcard basic


£200 load limit per day

LIFEcard blue


£5,000 load limit per day

LIFEcard black


£20,000 load limit per day

Want to know more?

The LIFEcard is currently in development, with card costs, fees, delivery times and all other associated specifics due to be announced Q1 2018, prior to launch.

Timings and details are subject to change as development proceeds, but we will post updates as we get closer to launch. If you would like to be kept up-to-date – or if you would like to take the first step towards owning a LIFEcard – please complete our pre-registration form.

Thank you for your interest!